The HR Managers Guide to the Best Blogs About Pensions in Ireland

Knowing about pensions can help you establish the most effective plan for attracting and retaining top talent for your company.Every year, the rules and regulations regarding employee benefits such as pension schemes change. For many who don’t have extensive experience with managing human resources or a background in investment law, retirement planning, or finance, the ever-shifting landscape for pensions can be confusing and frustrating.

With so much changing from year to year, keeping up to date on information regarding pension schemes can be difficult. Thankfully, this task does not need to be impossible.

To help guide you to the information about pensions that you want to know, we here at Simon Shirley Advisors have cobbled together a short list of the best blogs to follow for pension advice in Ireland. In this list, you can find regularly updated blogs and news feeds that contain solid, actionable advice for pensions or important updates regarding legal decisions about pension schemes.

#1: The Irish Life Assurance Blog

Irish Life is a venerated veteran of the pension, investment, and life assurance markets, with many knowledgeable personnel with years of experience. Irish Life maintains a blog where they post important information regarding subjects such as changes to the state retirement age and how it impacts individuals, to overviews of the Irish pension industry.

#2: Pensions Law Ireland Blog

A blog published by A&L Goodbody’s pensions law department, the Pensions Law Ireland Blog highlights major case decisions related to pension schemes as well as many of the technical aspects of managing a pension fund, such as handling bankruptcy or pension adjustment orders.

Not only are there many good blog articles to read on this site to help build knowledge about pensions, there are also links to many other useful resources on their blog list page, such as the Department of Finance website and the Irish Institute of Pensions Management website.

#3: The Pensions Authority News Feed

For those looking to keep up with recent events in the pensions world, the Pensions Authority News Feed can be a useful resource.

This news feed updates frequently with new stories regarding important legal decisions about pensions in Ireland, such as active court cases, updates concerning how to file certain paperwork for pensions, and other major changes to pensions. Using the articles on this site, HR professionals and pensions managers can stay apprised of important changes and legal decisions that affect how pensions are operated.

Staying Up to Date on Pensions

Whether you’re an HR manager looking to stay ahead of pension information so that you can ensure that your company’s pension schemes for employees remain compliant and an effective means of attracting and retaining top talents, or you’re simply curious about how pension schemes work in Ireland and want to be well-informed, resources such as the ones in the above list can be very beneficial.

If you want to learn more about pensions in Ireland on your own, you can find lots of useful information on the Citizens’ Information website as well. Here, you can find current information regarding Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs), Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs), and many other important factors that are a part of occupational pensions.

While researching everything regarding pensions and other employee benefits schemes on your own is very rewarding, you don’t have to go it alone. To get help quickly learning about pension schemes, life assurance, healthcare, and other employee benefits options, you can contact experts in these fields for advice as well.

Learn more by contacting Simon Shirley Advisors today.

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